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Dr Patel is involved with research and education in endodontics. He is constantly publishing in the endodontic literature.

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Other Publications

  • Review: Ingles Endodontics 7

    • Patel B, (2019). Journal of endodontics, 45(11), 1406.

  • The use of micro–computed tomography to investigate the effect of ultrasonic irrigation on the removal of debris from lateral canals.  

    • B. Patel, J.P. Robinson, P.J. Lumley, P.R. Cooper, A.D. Walmsley & P.L. Tomson. European Society of Endodontology: Abstracts from the Biennial Congress 2015. International Endodontic Journal. 2016;49(1):37-116.

  • Video glasses. A behaviour management solution for the 21 st century.

    • A .Casaus, B.Patel, L.Brown, K.Coomaraswamy. Dental Update ( in press)

  • The oral repercussions of primary hyperoxaluria in a child: a case report

    • A.Casaus; B.Patel; C. Brown; V. Clark; A.Richards; P. McKiernan; D.Milford; S.A Hulton:Pediatric Nephrology (pending)

  • Debris removal from lateral canals by passive ultrasonic irrigation.

    • Robinson JP, Patel B, Tomson PL, Grover L, Lumley PJ, Cooper PR, Walmsley AD* J Dent Res 92 (Spec Iss A): 1622 ( Presented at IADR Seattle 2013)

  • Severe external root resorption in a 13 year old boy with primary hyperoxyluria.

    •  B. Patel , A. Casaus , C. Brown V. Clark. Poster Sessions. International Journal of Paediatric Dentistry. 2015;25:46-251.

  • The use of video-glasses to manage dental anxiety in children whilst carrying out endodontic therapy

    • A.Casaus,B.Patel,P.L.TomsonClinicalPosterPresentation-European Society of Endodontology Biennial Congress 2015 Barcelona

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